1989 XR4Ti Aluminum Radiators

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New Cosworth Aluminum Radiator - OUT OF STOCK


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Best fit in an XR4Ti paired with 1989 XR lower radiator hose

Can be used as a replacement radiator as well as be helpful in intercooler installs. Clearance above the radiator is 4.25" .

How well does it cool since its so much shorter than the stock radiator?

Outperforms the stock radiator. Cooling capabilities will noticeably improve over stock.

How do you bolt the stock "puller" fan to this?

The stock puller fan cannot be used with this radiator. 12" universal mount radiator fans can be found very inexpensively to use. ($29.95 at http://www.siliconeintakes.com/ FYI). You can even fit 2 of those fans side by side if you feel necessary, however one will work just fine in most applications.

I have an automatic XR, what about the transmission cooler in the stock radiator?

Consider this to be a good opportunity to upgrade your radiator as well as trans cooler. Most auto parts stores sell external transmission coolers for under 30 bucks and will work much better that the stock one thats inside the factory radiator.

M22 threaded bung?

This bung is a good point to be able to drain the radiator. Dorman # 090055 from the local parts store is a drain bolt that fits this bung. Also, Dorman # 092011 will also fit and has an "EZ Drain" valve for quick opening/closing. (Both of these parts numbers are oil drain for 1995 BMW 530i) Also you can use this bung to add an additional coolant switch as well - 1985 Porsche 928 Radiator Fan Switch fits this bung and has 2 standard flat blade connectors to easily allow you to connect to it with generic female blade connectors. Great for running 2 fans that you want to come on at different temperatures as the Porsche fan switch is available in a variety of temperature degree settings.


If you have an 89 XR4Ti you can utilize the stock upper and lower hoses.  If you have an 85-89 XR4Ti you can use universal hoses like these: http://www.jegs.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/SearchResultsPageCmd?Ntt=511241