3" Stainless Exhaust Systems

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XR4Ti 3" Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust Systems


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Mirror polished, full 3", smooth mandrel bent 304 grade stainless steel exhaust system for the XR4Ti.  

The best performace exhaust system ever created for the XR4Ti. Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction - most likely the last exhaust system you will buy for your XR4Ti.  

Expect quicker turbo spool up and 35+ HP / 35+ ft.lbs TQ gains over a stock car with a stock exhaust system.  (HP and TQ gains will be even higher on modified cars already making more power).

Supplied with stainless steel exhaust band clamps for a better seal and more ground clearance over traditional exhaust U clamps.

Utilizes factory hangers / mounting points.  TIG welded triangulated brace at the muffler to support the extended length rod needed to reach the factory mounting point. 

Includes 3" turbo downpipe as shown, with a stainless sealing shim to help ensure a leak - free tight fit at the turbo. This sealing shim may or may not be needed depending on the condition of your turbo's exhaust outlet.

 The rest of the "cat-back" system brings you from the tail pipe to within 12" of the turbo downpipe. You can attach ths system to the downpipe with an aftermarket straight-through design catalytic converter such as this one: https://www.summitracing.com/oh/parts/cto-6007/overview/

For off-road use / racing you can install with a straight 3" pipe or a braided flex joint exhaust tube like this: https://www.summitracing.com/oh/parts/sum-653014